Hello Fellow Gardeners!
Cooler temps are here! but for how long? So Let’s Get Gardening! The low temperatures aren’t here to stay but the reprieve gives us an opportunity to get some fall plantings in the ground or container. Once in their growing spot, you may have to provide a little shade, the sun is still hot. So keep an eye on your new plantings to make sure they make it through the next few weeks!
I went shopping this weekend for some starter plants for my gardens, tomatoes, celery, herbs. The sooner you get your vegetables planted, the sooner you will eat the rewards!
Last week I started seeds indoors from veggies to perennials because some seeds prefer being planted directly in ground while others do better as transplants.
There is still time to put out wildflower seeds! They need heat to assist in the germination process. So sprinkle your seeds out in desired area then gently rake them in and gently water once to twice daily. You will be so glad you did!

I have added some images of what my gardens look like now, sad and lonely! In the months to come, I will post photos of lush abundant gardens!
Have a wonderful day and remember, the Garden Guru is always here to answer your questions or come out to your place and help you get your garden started!
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