Planting For Fall 2014

YES, it is time to start getting ready for Fall planting!  You can get a head start on your Fall garden by planting seeds of summer squash (zucchini & patty pan), winter squash (butternut & pumpkin), cucumber, gourds, okra, radish, basil, amaranth, just to name a few.  Some plants are even available at local nursery’s.  (Remember to shop locally!)

Summer Time Watering

Welcome to summer in the desert!  I have included a couple of links to assist you in caring for your plants water needs.  If you have further questions regarding plant care please contact me.

This link, links you to important information for all households!

For specific lawn and plant recommendations follow this link.      

Planting Time in the Desert!

If you are wondering about planting for your summer garden, don’t worry there is still time! Or, you would like to to add variety to your landscape areas.  Alternatively, you may just want to add summer color to your environment.  Contact me for a special offer for the month of June to assist you in choosing the right plantings!  Half off my regular fees for your first hour, does not apply to transportation fee. Please mention reading this when scheduling!

Salvia, Scabiosa, & Verbena

Salvia, Scabiosa, & Verbena



Valley residents, with these above normal temps planting season is upon us!  This is one of the best times of the year to be planting everything; veggies, bare-root roses & fruit trees, perennials, annuals and shrubs!  I have been enjoying the fruits of my labor from late summer to early fall planting season; broccoli, tomatoes, carrots, onions, lettuce, lots of lettuce, and wonderful fragrances from sweet peas and stalks!  You too can go to your backyard for fresh produce!  Call me today.  602.620.2821