I’ve been a busy guru out in the gardens!

We always love monsoon season and the rains it brings but you must by weary of your watering and irrigation settings. You don’t want to drown or burn your plants or grass. And yes! You can burn those babies if you’re watering at too hot a time of day.
The high winds we’re seeing this season can also have an effect on your trees and shrubs. Pruning can not only save their limbs but your vehicles too (haha). But don’t worry, most trees are designed to have a canopy so you don’t have to loose that all desirable shade.
It’s also time to fertilize! But be aware: fertilizing the wrong plants can be a waste – those indigenous desert plants we love so much won’t benefit.

Don’t hesitate to reach out and I can help to:
-Manage or construct a watering system suitable for your gardens needs.
-Fertilize based your plants needs.
-Prune to the appropriate height.