Welcome to 2021! Hope everyone is doing well! This is an important time of the year in your garden and landscaping. Your irrigation schedule should be on a winter setting. Thank goodness for that rain we received last week! There is still a chance for frost until mid February so cover those frost tender plants if you see freezing temperatures in the forecast. Swiss chard, lettuce, carrots, beets, radishes, potatoes and onions just to name a few veggies you can still plant in your garden now. As we reach mid February you can start planting tomatoes, basal, summer squash, cucumber and Armenian cucumbers, artichoke. As we transitioning to Spring and Summer gardens one of the most important things you can do is to add compost to your garden soil. If I have time to let the soil sit for a week before planting, I will also add bags of manure to my garden soil. For above ground beds I like to add a mix from AZ Worm Farm. They sell it by the bag or in bulk. If you didn’t already prune your roses and deciduous trees in January do so now. Only prune your citrus if needed. Citrus bark is tender to sunlight so allow your citrus to cover the trunk itself. I always look forward to your questions. If you would like a Maricopa county planting calendar please contact me and I can email a copy to you. Thanks and Have a great day!