Thinking of those who were lost, and those still suffering from this day 22 years ago.

Shorter days are back! That means it’s time to start planting your fall garden. Yes, it is still very hot so you might have to provide protection to your new transplants. I have been planting tomatoes for myself and my clients, in hopes of getting a crop or two before the cold weather arrives. Beside tomatoes, the list is long for what you can plant. Fertilize once this month when using an organic fertilizer. 

It isn’t time to change your landscape irrigation schedule, that’s October; however, your vegetables and annuals may only need watering every other day. What you can do is make sure you are giving your vegetation a deep watering to leach out the salts that have built up over the summer. 

Remember this is the BEST time of year to plant!! So start planning your Fall wish list of plants and where you want to plant them.  Having trouble figuring out what to plant where? Feel free to reach out to see if I service your area!

Have a Wonderful Fall Season