Hello! Thanks so much for visiting my website! With March just around the corner there is lots to do in the garden! For healthy thriving plants, one must make sure you have a rich soil for your plants to grow in! I like adding amendments from AZ Worm Farm in Phoenix! They have a great compost and raised bed mix. Planting your plants properly is also key! Most plants like to be planted at ground level (the soil level in the container should be level with the ground when planted). Mulching over your plants a few inches helps the plant from drying out too quickly. You will have to replenish the mulch every few weeks to monthly. Consistent watering is another key factor for healthy thriving plants! You want the soil to remain moist, never allow your plants to dry out completely!! You also have to be careful not to over water! Once a plant becomes stressed, whether too dry or too wet pests will start to attack!!

If you haven’t already planted your tomatoes time is ticking. I like to get them in the ground so they have time to produce before the summer heat hits. There are so many vegetables and flowers that can be planted in March. For a complete list contact me. Have a great day and Happy planting!